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The cutter's first job is to make a paper pattern for the style of shoe required. The pattern consists of various pieces, vamp, cap, tongue, quarters and from these various pieces of paper pattern are cut the pieces leather which go to make up the upper. It takes years to develop the skill to cut out the distinctive patterns of each pair of hand-made shoes and boots.


The cutter then gives the last, patterns, and cut leather to the closer, who stitches the various pieces together to form the finished uppers. At this stage the closer will include linings and the various trimmings such as binding, elastics, lace holes, etc. Having fit the various pieces together, the closer then pulls the finished upper over the last to ensure that it conforms to the required shape.


When the upper is thus completed it goes on the last to the maker. The shoemakers stretch the closed uppers on individual lasts for all our designs. It’s a delicate operation that requires a brilliant eye, heat, moisture and the occasional touch of force. The upper is then secured to the woven rib on the insole with small nails and staples to hold the shoe together until sole is added.


The maker then gives the completed shoe to the finisher, who draws the last from the shoe, rubs out small imperfections inside the shoe, and fits the seatsocks. Using brushes, cloths, and polish mixed with water, the finisher then transforms the shoe, bringing it up to a deep glossy finish. After so many different processes, all carried out by hand, another pair of Colorsty's hand-made shoes or boots are finally ready for dispatch.



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